In this section you will be able to view some of my most recent artworks, were it is categorized Yearly and by projects.Highlight Over artwork section and choose between the categories.

  I heavily gravitate toward exploration of mediums and experimenting with different approaches both conceptually and visually. I consider my work process to be socially collaborative, research oriented, and series based as I tend to ask for participants where they provide me with information and tasks that I would require pursuing my projects. The results of their interactions become a part of my project as both visual and a form of survey. I represent my subject matter vaguely, making the narration or purpose harder to spot while leaving room for the viewers own conclusions and interpretations.

  In my paintings; my preferred mediums are aqueous mediums and oil. with those mediums I am able to create a mood and an atmosphere that relates to my narratives. Oil paint allows me to be aggressive and bold due to the heavy texture application I can imply, the alla Prima process, and direct application of paint and maneuvering through the surface. On the other hand, aqueous mediums allow me to be more loose, more room for experimentation of mixing other mediums within the process, and immediacy of decisions that help with harnessing marks and accidental results. Water based mediums/ and other mixed mediums helps me in destroying and re-immerging parts of the image where I see fit, which in return help in affecting the level of completion of my artwork. The level of completion plays a major role in my subject matters I present

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