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2016                                       Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA), Philadelphia.

                                                Bachelor degree (BFA), and certificate program.

2013                                       Community College of Philadelphia (CCP), Philadelphia.

                                                Associate degree in Fine Art


Languages: Fluent in Arabic and English. Bilingual




April 2013                          Community College of Philadelphia, Art Exhibit

Oct 2013                             Gallery 128 at PAFA

Feb 2014                            Gallery 128 at PAFA

Oct 2014                            Gallery 128 Essential Variations at PAFA

Sept 2015                          Gallery 128 It’s the Thought that Counts show at PAFA

May 2015                           ASE (Annual Student Exhibition) at PAFA

Dec 2015                           Works on Paper Gallery | Taxonomy

Oct 2015                            The illustration show at PAFA

Feb 2016                            Mash em' UP show

May 2016                           ASE (Annual Student Exhibition) at PAFA

June 2016                          Art Crane Center / PAFA representor /art for the cash poor show

July 2016                           PWAT Teachers and assistants Show

Aug 2016                           Artkudos Online Exhibition/ International art student league in New York

Sept 2016                          Red Raven Company emerging artist Show.

Dec 2016                            Red Raven Company, Group show/ exhibit

Oct 2017                             Chestnut hill Pop up Art show / PAFA

Dec 2017                            Insider Art - At Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA)

March 2018                       12G 5th Annual Galla | La peg Brasserie at Fringe Art

May 2018                           12 Gates Gallery / Group Exhibition “We got used to new us”

Nov 2018                            Cross Currents | The Tuttleman Gallery at PAFA Museum

Sept 2019                          Codex Project / Group Exhibit at Works on Paper Gallery\

May 2020                           Wassiac Summer Exhibition



May 2018                  Publication under WHYY Organization/ critiquing the show “We got used to new US”


Sept 2018                  Publication under the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA). Alumni Stories.


May 2017                   Albustand Seeds – John Moffet School Publication



Awards, Scholarships and Prizes


-April 2019                            “ WASSAIC Residency” – Awarded the Summer Residency for the period of September. The Residency is a one month long.

-August 2018                      “Vermont Studio Center Residency” – Awarded the Residency for the period of December. Residency Starts from November 25th, to December 21st.


- July 2018                          " Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation"  - The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation grant is one of the most prestigious grants available to emerging figurative artists, as well as one of the most substantial. It is one of the longest standing, with an illustrious history of recipients spanning more than half a century


- May 2018                         “Twelve Gates honorarium” – A small token award in a form of a small grant for being the first group in Philadelphia that represent Middle Eastern local artists in a show. Grant funded by Twelve Gates gallery owners.


- May 2016                       “Charles Toppan award “– These prizes were established in 1881 by the gift of Mrs. Charles Toppan, Miss Harriette R. Toppan, and Mr. Robert N. Toppan. First awarded in 1882, the following regulations were put into effect in 1962, enlarging the benefits but adhering to the positively expressed terms of the original gift that "the drawing of the work submitted will

receive first attention of the examiners."


- May 2016                       “August Cook Prize award” – The purpose of this award is to encourage the School's emphasis on sound drawing, and to perpetuate the memories of Irma H. Cook and August Cook, graduates, and Daniel Garber, a graduate and member of the Faculty


- May 2016                       “Faculty Award” – The recipient will have shown a consistently high level of growth and achievement in their discipline, and will exemplify those qualities which define an outstanding student: concern for the school and involvement in school affairs, genuine leadership ability, and someone who has enjoyed the respect of their peers.


- Oct 2015 / Jan 2016      “PAFA and Friends” – Grant awarded for school Year based on Students commitment and history of improvement in the Arts.





June 2018                           The Codex, Works on Paper Gallery , Philadelphia, PA.

    - 2019                              Founder and lead organizer of the Codex Project. The Codex is a Free entry submission collaborative

                                              Philadelphia based community project. Displaying collaborators sketchbooks yearly in a professional art gallery venue.

                                              Publication and website soon – Estimate Date November 2018

                                         | Instagram: Thecodexproject


May 2018                             We got used to new US, Twelve Gates Gallery, Philadelphia, PA.


Dec 2015                             Taxonomy, Works on Paper Gallery, Philadelphia, PA.


Oct 2015                              The Illustration Show, at PAFA, Philadelphia, PA.

July 2016                             Dot, Dash Dissolve, Joan Hickey collection, at PAFA. Philadelphia, PA.





Aug 2018                             Internship: Conservation Intern volunteer.

                                              Intern under the conservator Mary McGinn at PAFA




All work are property of the Artist

Copyright® Mostafa Darwish



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