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   Stitching old photographs together, to remember the houses or homes I lived in along with a specific memory. The entire series are all of birthdays of my brothers and family.

   As an immigrant, I realized that I never had a stable home or a place to get back to. Stability is hard to get, and I find that home doesn't always have to be the physicality of a place in society. Rather it could be within myself, the acceptance that memory or cherished items can be sufficient to send me home. With such idea, the closest resemblance I could find of a stable home would be nostalgic memories, tokens I collected, Family pictures, and other childhood memories. Thus, I decided to preserve and re imagine these moments by stitching different pictures in different times, trying to recreate my old houses that I lived in. Further preserving them by iconizing these memories to an object, a tangible memory than can possibly stay preserved the way I envision it to be.

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