Artist Statement

    My immigration from Egypt to the United States has impacted my understanding of my heritage and cultural context. Religious, political, cultural, and racial misconceptions are perpetuated in my culture generationally. Seems to me, most societies are exploited by excessive political propaganda, and hyperbole, whether through media or false idealistic facts embedded within the culture. Furthermore, this has led to xenophobia and other exploitations of foreign societal or cultural believes within societies. Metaphorically speaking; I would represent my heritage culture as a box, anyone who crosses the boundary of conventionality will be labeled deviant. Where I least expected it, I found similar misconceptions in the first world country I moved to. I concluded that the only difference between one culture to another is how much bigger the size of that metaphorical box is. Whether it is the religious beliefs or the cultural and political issues that are manifested in both the Middle East and the Western worlds, I use my life experience and exposures to these different cultures and societies to attempt to express and bring awareness to those misconceptions I was exposed to, whilst contrasting my experience with a mirroring issues of misconception that the Western society face either currently or previously.

    In my current projects, I am attempting to bridge Eastern and Western world cultures. I highlight specific political and social issues in the Middle East by contrasting Western pop culture and canons of art history. By referencing my personal experiences and memories, I investigate issues from my culture and visually put them into Western culture’s visual history, and vice versa. I use some misinformed religious and cultural tradition content within certain Middle Eastern cultures to elaborate on how some of those beliefs became a concrete part of everyday tradition in these cultures. These traditions transcended throughout generations, which caused visible inequalities, brainwashing misconceptions, and inferiority to female rights while giving power for a male dominant society. Merging different culture together concludes a visible overlap of issues. I am proposing that these issues have similarities mirroring each other and are not mutually exclusive.


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