2018 - The100 Heads Challenge

    100 head challenge is a movement on social media, specifically instagram. The idea is to actively paint,draw or whatever the artist find suitable to create a one portrait every day for 100 days. The group that started this movement are known as the "404 Taken." The movement became very popular and strong that lots of people from different countries throughuot the world participate in their individual journey , pursuing the creation of one portrait a day, in whatever representation the artist sees fit.

    You can follow the movement by viewing any of the 404 Taken group on instagram, or any of the hash tags (#100heads #100headschallenge #404).

    The displayed work are all from a single sketchbook, moleskin 8.5 x 11 inches. Mediums varies from mostly gouache, pencils, to oil on paper

All work are property of the Artist

Copyright® Mostafa Darwish



instagram: Moe.d.art

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