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          The 72 Virgins Project

                 (2017 - 2019)

Thank you for participating in the project. It has been concluded. Full documentation will be posted online soon.


I thank the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation for its financial support, and making this project comes to reality.



Mostafa Darwish, Wishes to thank the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation for its financial support.

    The project heavily critique perceptions of cultures and our current political/social issues and time. The project is very dense and very time consuming, any help from any participant would be very appreciative. If you identify as a female,Your help is as simple as a taking a selfie in a specific condition (just like the examples on the sides). You shall find the guideline on how to take the picture below.If you are interested in participating, please contact me in any of the mentioned ways below. Thank you so much.The Project will be displayed in a Gallery Early next year, and everyone is invited!


Mostafa Darwish



PS: If you would like to know more about the project, especially as a participant, i am more than willing to mention what it is exactly.

72 Virgins Project:

  If you identify as a woman, you are able and very much encouraged to participate, you are wanted and needed for this and your help is extremely appreciated.Your help would only take a minute of your time. All that I asks for is a photograph taken specifically for this project (not an old pic/selfie please).

PS: The project is Called "72 Virgins." It doesnt mean that you have to be Virgin at all. Anyone is able to participate, as long as they want to.

A- your arms must be fully extended in front of you with your entire head facing forward without tilts. Shoulders should be slightly shown (like a mugshot/driver ID) .You can tilt up or down slightly but not sides please. The entire head must be within the shot frame, so please donot Crop the head

B- a neutral (resting) facial expression (like a drivers ID photo). No need for smiles or any other facial expressions.

C- strong light (this light can be whatever you'd like as long as there are clear shadows on your face, as what in the examples shown on the side). The photograph is meant to be a portrait as you are, in all of your beauty.

D- Feel free to wear whatever make up you want/accessories , with or without (whatever you would like and comforts you).

Notes: You can let someone take the picture of you Ofcourse! just remember, no cropped head, Minimum distance is the length of an extended arm.

Please feel free to pass it on to your friends/ and or loved ones if you want them to participate, or that they wish to participate.

Please Note: All of the picture are completely confidential. Your pictures will be never shown to anyone except me (the artist). only the final painting for the project, which will be shown in a Gallery in Philadelphia (will mention the exact info when the time of the show will arrive to each person in person).

All Painting and drawings are done and painted by: Mostafa A, Darwish. Property of the artist  (copyright)

Samples of some Participants

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