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Music Boxes

This project features interactive music boxes that utilize cylindrical music reels and paper music sheets. I use Braille language to transcribe my poetry or certain phrases or sentences onto a musical sheet. Each of these sheets describes certain memory that is represented by a photo emulsion on the sheet, along with the specific sentences in English before translation.

 Braille language works on a grid system of three vertical dots, and infinite amount of horizontal rows. I then align ASC2 (Braille) language Dots to a music sheet, where each dot will represent a musical note. Then, I create a musical composition based on the limitation given to me by the transcription. the goal is to create audio and visual that is universally accessible and comprehensible, without the need to learn a specific phonetic or language. Moreover, the Braille language on each reel makes it accessible to the visually impaired as well.

Grafting Cocoon

 This specific musical sheet is a part of a lyrics for a song I wrote titled "Cocoon Grafting." The Lyrics excerpt are as follows;

“ As I look afar, shuffling through my memories. Dragging away my footprints behind, leaving a trail. I was led to nowhere. And in fear, I traced my steps back. but my marks have disappeared, So I ran to nowhere the place I know the most, where I grew and fester like mold. I better start saving my bones, to preserve my soul Grafting my own cocoon, so I can be birthed once a whole.”

 As you crank the instrument, you will see the music sheet in a form of a visual artwork. The reel is made of polaroid composites, emulsion on a music sheet paper. They are polaroid pictures of different parts of my skin. Music Theory is all based on bm, and its modes Locrian and Lydian(f#m or AM) notes Progressions.

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