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Loading Him

Loading Him - With installation Shot. 2022

Displayed on Raspberry Pi. Device/ console

programmed, Designed, and Fabricated by the Artist

Video Editing, Video Capturing and Manipulation by the Artist

Music editing and composing by the artist Artist: Mo Darwish

Music composed and recorded/ Edited by the artist Video Editing, Animation, and music composing: Mostafa Darwish


 Using the metaphor of a computing process, loading, the video is symbolic and playful in a sense where the interpretation is subjective. Focusing on my expression of feeling trapped in a dream. Subtle aggressive in a nightmarish realm. Trapped in a foreign country's promise for the immigrant, which never happened, yet. The American dream. The device shown at the beginning of the video, is how loading Him is displayed. I found it rather important to individualize my intentions when created video art. Rather than either virtually, or on a screen, this box carries its own meaning as the video art can only be displayed on it. This device then becomes like a painting, an object to interact with in order to watch the video. The small cpu is programmed by me through Raspberry Pi, and fabricated by me as well. #fineart #art #videoart #musicart #soundart #artistallation #artwork #modarwishart #modarwish #artwork

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