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On Display (WIP)

On Display, 2022

Polaroid Emulsion, and Mixed media on Plexi and resin casted. 5 x 7 inch.

Scan QR code to be directed to Its interactive video. Or visit the link.


On display - My interpretation of how I sometimes feel as an immigrant living in the United States. Please note, that I am a legal American Citizen as well.

Real-life reoccurring questions from strangers;

-Them: Where are you from? I like your accent?

-Me: I am from Philly

-Them: "ya but from where you originally from From?"

-Me: Sigh

- Me: I am originally Egyptian.

They reply with similar outcomes; " OH wow, that is so exotic!" "Oh nice, Welcome to America" "Egypt? Wow my friend Mohammed is also from Egypt" "Oh Egyptian? Salamo Alaykum!" PS: Salam Alaykum is the Islamic greeting, the problem with this is, I am not even Muslim... but the misconception that I am Egyptian, which to the uneducated means I am an Arab, then I probably do speak Arabic, then probably I am Muslim, is VERY prominent in the USA.

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