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  Sculptures made from Polaroids. Topography made from memories I cherished, letting these valuable pictures go to create a structured art piece. A captured sliver of time, capsulated in a sculpture form. These structures remind me when I used to travel a lot and immigrate from one country to another with my family by airplane, I used to watch different topography from the window seat, mesmerized and at awe of the great empty planes.

  “Accumulated fleeting moments to mount up like a mountain. Where each memory signifies the years that passes by. Polaroids are pictures that cannot be copied or redone or have another rendition, only one copy. To let it go for the sake of creating these wads of mountains, is similar surrendering to the fact that I will always be dislocated, as I got used to not having a place that suites me or that I can call home. I use these cherished photos to build a creative concept, and the images becomes less important in the meaning. Rather, the shadow is what will linger from these capsuled objectified memories. “

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