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The Decay, Crown Manifest

Concept, Preformance, and music scoring done by the Artist: Mostafa Darwish

Crown Manifest

Video Performance: Mostafa Darwish

Video Editing and Animation : Mostafa Darwish

Music composing and scoring: Mostafa Darwish                                     Nov 2019


"The sun was the power and so I stole it.” — Apep, devouring the world. Excerpt from the Book of the Dead.

Dualism is a philosophical concept that defined Ancient Egyptian political structures, social structures, and religious views. With good, Ma’at, comes chaos — Isfet. One cannot exist without its opposite. If Isfet overcomes human will, decay will manifest, and humanity will rot. Apep, the serpent, lord of chaos, is a pure manifestation of Isfet, roaming the underworld and seducing mortals with its powers, eating the souls of the tormented, surrendered dead.


Decay is unacceptable as a natural course of events, so our world is separated from the cosmos, away from order. A cyclical daily battle: Ma'at overpowering Isfet.

But for how long can Ma'at endure?


(" The sun was the power and so I stole it.” As Apep Devours the world )

Book of the Dead excerpt

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