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A series of Multiple Polaroid emulsion of Photographs, then capsulated by resin after being manipulated. The idea is to capture a moment in time under different iterations and replications. Thus, creating a world where infinite possibilities of the exact moment are repeated on top of one another. The capsulation is to resemble the fact that memory or moments of time can be tracked and iconized, becoming a memento. Holding on into multiple possibilities of a certain moment that is captured using Polaroid camera, and then seal all those possibilities into a tangible object. The significant of it is;

“The Memento is a value object that acts as a snapshot of the originator's state. It's a common practice to make the memento immutable and pass it the data only once, via the constructor. The Caretaker knows not only “when” and “why” to capture the originator's state, but also when the state should be restored.”                                                                                       ~ Software design, Memento Pattern.

This series is acquired by the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, through  The New Mary Butler Purchase Award, by the Fellowship of PAFA.

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